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Steps to setting up your company

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The process of creating your company or association is a key step.
It can have major consequences for the future of your project.

For a package price, we’ll support you from A to Z, through all the steps needed in setting up your company.

* Included in the company setting up package:
  • 2,300 EUR excl. VAT for EEA nationals (incl. EU)
  • For non-EEA nationals, please contact us!

What legal form should your company take?

When you launch your business, the type of company you choose can have a major influence on its success and your financial security. It will depend on the nature of your business, your objectives and your ambitions. We can advise you on the most suitable formula.

There are now six basic forms for incorporating a company. Discover their advantages and disadvantages.

Limited Liability Companies


Most widely used legal form
  • For a small business, a startup, or a family company.
  • Limited liability.
  • Flexibility
  • Notarial deed and financial plan required


Anonimous society
  • For large companies
  • Shareholder liability limited to his/her contribution
  • You can attract investors without losing control
  • Notarial deed and financial plan required
  • More complex structure for SMEs to manage


Cooperative Society
  • For cooperative entrepreneurship (min. 3 people)
  • Partners can enter and leave freely without excessive bureaucracy
  • Limited liability
  • A minimum of 3 founders is required
  • Notarial deed and financial plan required

Unlimited Liability Companies

Simple Partnership

  • Small projects with at least 2 partners
  • Simplicity, no capital requirements
  • Easy to create and dissolve
  • Unlimited liability
  • Shares not freely transferable


General Partnership
  • For projects requiring minimum constraints
  • No start-up capital required
  • No obligation to publish annual financial statements
  • If the company goes bankrupt, so do the partners
  • Shareholders are personally and jointly liable for the company's debts


(Limited Partnership)
  • For those who prefer simplicity and flexibility
  • The limited partner's liability is limited to his/her contribution
  • No start-up capital required
  • Shares are non-transferable
  • If the company goes bankrupt, the general partner (managing partner) goes bankrupt

Summary table: “Which legal form for whom? »

Type of company Notarial deed N. Min. number of founders Min. start-up capital Financial plan Transferable shares Shareholder liability
BV (LLC) Yes 1 None, but sufficient capital is required Yes Yes Limited
NV (PLC) Yes 1 61 500 euros Yes Yes Limited
Cooperative Society (SC/CS) Yes 3 Each founder must contribute something, but no minimum capital is required Yes However, there is a possibility of shareholder inflows and outflows Limited
Simple Partnership No 2 None No Not unless otherwise provided for in the articles of association unlimited and joint
General partnership (SNC/VOF) No 2 None No Yes, with the agreement of all associates unlimited and joint
Limited Partnership (SComm/CommV) No 2 None No No unlimited and joint

Companies, non-profit organizations and foundations:

Form I – For the statutes

  • Part A
  • Part B (in 2 copies)
  • Part C

Form II – For any decision except constitution

  • Part A
  • Part C

The decision must be taken again on part B of form I

Form I :

Part A

  • Company details in writing (no signature)

Part B

  • On the front, include the name and status of the signatory, especially no signature at the front. Please return the sheet to affix the signature and name of the signatory.

Part C

  • point 5 and 6: Enter the National Number for Natural Persons.
  • The company number (ex VAT) for legal entities. As well as the last name, first name of the permanent representative and National Number of this person.

Signature of parts B and C:

  • Either 2 Directors or the Managing Director for SA
  • Either the manager for the SPRL, SCRL, etc.
  • Or 2 Administrators for non-profit organizations
Form II :

Part A

  • Company No.
  • Name Company
  • Only when transferring the headquarters, enter the new address.

Part B

  • Return to form I and take part B.
  • On the front, include the name and status of the signatory, especially no signature on the front.
  • Please return the sheet to affix the signature and name of the signatory.

Part C

  • To be completed in full except for Brussels only the sections which have undergone modifications.
  • Enter the National Number for Natural Persons.
  • The company number (ex VAT) for legal entities, as well as the last name, first name of the permanent representative and the National Number of this person.

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Your frequently asked questions

How can we help you ?

To save you time in your research, we have grouped together most of the questions you sent us. Contact us if you cannot find the answer to your problem.


Setting up a company in Belgium with J. Jordens


Belgium is at the heart of Europe, and Brussels, its capital, is home to the main European institutions.

Belgium offers political, economic and social stability and direct access to European markets. The Belgian tax system is advantageous for businesses, which benefit from competitive tax rates and numerous tax incentives.

Finally, Belgium’s socio-economic environment is conducive to entrepreneurship. Government measures are generally favorable to start-ups and SMEs. Entrepreneurs also have easy access to financing, support programs and subsidies for starting up and developing their businesses in Belgium.

We offer you complete assistance, from A to Z: from drafting the articles of association to VAT registration. By doing all the legwork for you, we let you concentrate on your core business with peace of mind.

We have almost 50 years’ experience in the field, and Belgian grafts (ou registries) hold no secrets for us.

Since our creation, more than 18,000 companies have placed their trust in us.

With the exception of private companies, setting up a company in Belgium involves a series of compulsory formalities:

Drawing up the articles of association and powers of attorney,
signing the deed at the notary’s office,
CBE registration,
VAT registration,
UBO register,
registration with a social insurance fund.

In all cases where this formality is necessary, a financial plan must also be submitted.

We’re with you every step of the way.


Our package includes drafting the articles of association and powers of attorney, signing the deed at the notary’s office, the BCE registration, the VAT registration, the UBO register, the affiliation to a social insurance fund… and, if necessary, the AFSCA application.

The financial plan is included in the basic package.

<i>NB: as part of the search for financing or credit, we also help our clients draw up a business plan. </i> <i>By entrusting us with the creation of your business plan, you save precious time and benefit from our expertise to guarantee the soundness of your business project in the eyes of your bank or investors. </i>

<i>The price of this option depends on the complexity of your project. Ask us for a free quote. </i> I’d like a quote!

I’d like a quote!

We will make the appointment and visit the notary on your behalf. You can also opt to sign via ITSME for more convenience.


What are the additional costs over and above the package price? Our package includes all fees, duties and taxes associated with setting up your company.

Yes, the company counter fee (105.50 EUR) is included in our package.


Times vary according to various factors, but as a general rule, it takes from 5 to 7 working days from the time we receive all the required documents (payment of our services, powers of attorney, financial plan, business plan, etc.).


The SA/PLC is the legal form best suited to very large companies. For companies with fewer than 250 employees, the SRL/LLC is the most appropriate and widespread form of company for start-ups and SMEs.
We can provide you with detailed information on the types of companies in Belgium to help you choose the structure best suited to your project.

In the meantime, take a look at our section on the different types of company and the comparative table to help you make your choice.

Of course, we’re here to help you even after you’ve set up your business, whether for administrative questions, changes to your articles of association or any other business-related needs. J. Jordens is No.1 in administrative services for companies in Belgium & leader of publications in the Belgian Official Journal. We are close to our customers, with on a “non-profit organisation” mind and a human face.

We are your partner at all times when registration, deed or publication is required: from the creation of your company to its possible discontinuance, including all the modifications that mark the key stages in its existence (changes to articles of association, capital increases or reductions, transfers, mergers, takeovers, liquidation, etc.).


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